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Introduction: The purpose of writing this book is to publish and transfer a new expertise in the jewellery industry for designers, manufacturers and people interested in the jewellery design and manufacturing, and to create a "standard" and reliable source for improving the quality level of the jewellery design in the country. Since the past decade, designing jewellery with computer and observing standards of jewellery manufacturing and moulding consistent with world modern standards have always been the basic needs of jewellery designers and manufacturers in Iran and lack of academic educations, specialized institutes, a reliable and standard educational source were among the important factors leading to the slow progress in Iran. The classic design or in other words, "the manual design" as an expertise and art has always had an important role in the manufacturing of jewellery. Everything starts with a -design", i.e. a visualization and creativity which can be drawn on a paper accurately with specified dimensions and sizes and be transferred to a jeweller in order to become a tangible physical model. Before the possibility of designing with computer, the best process of manufacturing a model was in this style. In another method, without using a pencil, paper and hand sketch, the initial design was formed in the mind of the jeweller and he directly made it. But, today if you are not able to present and draw your visualization on a paper, and or if you are not capable of manually and traditionally making a model with jewellery making tools, you can directly draw and design your pattern using a computer software and then, make the initial model using the manufacturing devices.

The basic advantages of designing jewellery with computer are as follows: It is not important to be able to draw on a paper or work with jewellery making tools and or design in a computer, what matters is to present your imaginations and visualizations of a model using an instrument and turn it into a work. As a result, lacking the ability of manual design or application of jewellery making tools has-no effect on learning of jewellery design with computer and in fact, it is not the prerequisite of acquiring an expertise. It is obvious that having experience and ability in manual design or jewellery making will help learning computer-aided design. As it was mentioned in this book, all standards and technical points of jewellery making and designing were illustrated and categorized in order to help the student to design and prepare his model without any problem in terms of design and technical issues after reading this book and doing the exercises. The improvement of speed, precision and elegance in the design and the traditional elimination of designing and manufacturing limitations. The ability of reducing the weight of the work as much as possible. - The increase of productivity and efficiency of designing and manufacturing personnel. Determination of the exact weight of the metal, number and exact weight of stones used before the manufacture and exact, computation of the final price. Ability of taking a virtual image from the designed model before spending too much cost for manufacturing the model. The low price of tools and instruments necessary for the computer-aided design compared to the traditional methods and the reduction of manufacturing costs. Today, around the world, from first place very large companies to small manufacturers and even private designers, designing jewellery with computer is one of the main principles and strategies of manufacturing and for progressing and achieving the ability of competition with foreign designers and manufacturers, these technologies must be used seriously.

In the past decade, with the introduction of automation in the jewellery design industry in the world and Iran, a revolution happened in this profession and with the entrance of initial mold production machines, CNC milling machines, three-dimensional printers and laser machines, the need for computer design was increased. The increase in the speed of initial mold production machines since the past decade along with the advance in science and technology led to the increase of a need for jewellery designers with computer around the world, including Iran. Students and graduates in the Art, Technology & Engineering fields relating to this expertise — Industrial Design, Graphics, Painting, Visual Arts, Sculpture and Computer fields of study — can learn jewellery design with computer faster and easier than others and enter the labour market and earn money from this new expertise. This book not only teaches the use of computer software, but also includes the education of jewellery design with computer as well as the exact observance of jewellery making and molding techniques. A jeweller must always know jewellery making, molding and casting standards and be familiar with all manufacturing processes in order to design a model without any technical problem in its structure. From structure point of view, a very simple design without any technical problem is more valuable than a non-manufacturable complicated design with technical and jewellery making problems. All tables and standards of jewellery making mentioned in this book are the result of years of attempt, experience and trial and error for achieving the minimum needs for different sizes and methods and designing a model without any structural, molding, jewerly making and casting problem. All the courses and subjects written in this book are the result of more than 10 years of domestic and international research and experience and teaching in academies, universities and different educational institutes.

Students and people interested in learning this expertise using this book at least must have the ability of using - computer and windows operating syst6m — internet and understanding English language at an intermediate level. The computer aided design will allow you to make the initial three-dimensional model using advanced CNC machines or 3D printers and provide it to your employer or customer, and will allow users to see their ordered jewellery design before its manufacturing in order to change its form, size, color and material. In addition, the possibility of providing a virtual image (render) of the completed jewerly before its manufacturing is one of the advantages of computer-aided jewellery design because in this industry, precision, speed and reducing the cost of manufacturing are three fundamental factors. This book teaches the method of designing jewerly using Matrix Software — currently it is the best and most powerful software for designing jewellery in the world. Furthermore, jewellery making techniques and the method of using and observing technical issues during the design will be explained. Instructions and techniques written in this book not only introduce and teach the method of using instructions and software instruments, but also completely and accurately explain techniques and methods achievable by spending too much time. These techniques are illustrated in the form of examples of different models step by step. Due to using computer and Matrix Software in English language, it was attempted to translate all English vocabularies and terms or explain the lexical meaning or synonym or the Persian term common among Persian jewellers. However, the English structure of the software cannot be changed and -translated. Due to the necessity of knowing English vocabularies and terms used in the software instrument and orders, in some cases the jeweller must use English vocabularies and terms. For this reason, knowing the meaning of all English vocabularies and terms used in the software is very important and necessary when designing and using the software. Therefore, in addition to the translation and definition of all the vocabularies and terms used in the book text, the glossary at the final section of the book can be used.







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