jewelry designing with computer 2

 The second book of “Designing jewelry with computer” is the advanced version of “book 1” which includes many professional techniques about jewelry designing, diamond setting, and jewelry making in a modern way! This is the fruit of around 10 years’ experience in the jewelry industry, 425 full color pages including 3D Modeling tricks , advantages of working with the Gemvision Matrix and Rhinoceros softwares also introducing the Tsplines plugin with its powerful tools to help designers design more organic with more freedom ! Also in this book you can find a full chapter about advanced rendering with Vray plugin in Matrix, you will learn about rendering studios and their different options, also you will learn how to increase your render quality and take a “photo realistic “ renders!

What’s more, there are many things about physical lighting , setting cameras and working with them, also how to change environments which you could not find them in the software’s Manual! Another chapter is “Diamond setting methods” which covers all of main gem and diamond setting techniques such as : Bead setting , Channel setting, Prong Setting, Bezel setting, Flower invisible ,Pave setting, Flush setting and invisible setting , learning these important subjects will help you to design without any jewelry making /diamond setting problems!

The last chapter is about jewelry glossary which is around 35 full pages, it’s all about prevalent terms in jewelry industry ,colored gemstones and diamonds, so you will not have any problems to work with professionals and talk to them professionally about your work after reading this chapter!

The last pages of the glossary belong to the history! You will read some short pages about contemporary and twentieth century jewelry styles like Art Deco, Art Nouveau ,Victorian,Edvardian ,retro and Garland! This book is only available in Persian Language right now but i am translating it to English version and it will be published as soon as possible, probably in early 2016 !


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