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    DESIGN NAME: ReflectionPRIMARY FUNCTION: Diamond RingINSPIRATION: The inspiration of this ring comes from "trompe l'oeil" style,the art of showing something with a trick or cheating the eyes of viewer or make an optical illusion, this Technique used to show patterns of the ring vice versa on the gold sphere,UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This is a double finger diamond ring which the top of the ring stands between 2 fingers and make it looks more different from the other rings,whats more there is a highly polished gold sphere inside of the ring that reflect the light and pattern of the main body,because of convexity of the sphere,smaller pasterns looks larger and bigger holes looks smaller which it deceive the eyes!OPERATION / FLOW / INTERACTION: This model can be produce with Lost wax casting method or Direct casting for main body, and the sphere can be produced as 2 part,PROJECT DURATION AND LOCATION: This project started in January 2014 in Tehran and finished in March 2014 in Tehran,
    PRODUCTION / REALIZATION TECHNOLOGY: This model designed with Computer aided design technology (CAD) softwares such as Zbrush and Rhino/Vray. The material is 18K yellow gold with black plated finishing and 18 K withe gold and Diamonds,SPECIFICATIONS / TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: Width of the ring is 47 mm, Height of the ring is 33 mm Size of the top of the ring is 40 mm,TAGS: Diamond RingRESEARCH ABSTRACT: The main research subject was the anatomy of double ring sizes and techniques .another thing was searching about "trompe l'oeil" sytle of painting like murals to find out how to design a ring with something that reflect to another one to show something new or to deceive the viewer,CHALLENGE: The hardest part of this design was finding a good pattern and good shape to reflect on the sphere and to show something vice versa to deceive the eyes of viewer,